The RedSeat Story

RedSeat was born from the idea: How might the recruitment process be made more efficient through the use of an ATS?

Through customer research we had identified a number of patterns around the recruitment process and its challenges. Whilst existing ATSs seemed to provide a solution for some businesses, a large number of SMEs used a manual way of managing their hiring process. We decided to build a solution for this market, as there seemed to be a gap that could be addressed.

RedSeat was developed to be, a simple, effective and easy to use platform which allowed recruiters to efficiently manage the hiring process, without the complexity of other ATSs.

As time progressed, we received both positive and negative feedback and came to the conclusion that RedSeat would need to be further developed and more advanced, which was not at the heart of the product’s value proposition. It was because of this that we decided to take down the application.

We had an amazing time collaborating with users throughout the process of building the MVP.

Although it didn’t turn out as we expected, we have learned a lot over the journey and loved every step.

The RedSeat Team